Best OTA for ESP 8266 or NodeMCU

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Please advice best OTA library that can support Node MCU

Thanks in advanced

In my opinion the blynk edgent is the best one to use with blynk.

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You mean blynk edgent is supporting OTA programing right?
I checked it but I didn’t see it ,please advice

Check this out

Is there any direct upload please

What do you mean exactly ?

I mean without importing firmware to another browser and just click Arduino IDE upload button

No, I don’t think this is possible

If you want to do the upload directly from the Arduino IDE then the ArduinoOTA system is the one to use.
Drawbacks of the ArduinoOTA are:

  • Only works with devices on the same network as your computer
  • Relies on the Apple Bonjour service, which can be temperamental at times

The Blynk.Air OTA system is better, because devices don’t have to be on the same network, and doesn’t use Bonjour.
Drawbacks of Blynk.Air (in my opinion) are:

  • Relies on the Edgent sketch, which is quite “bulky”
  • Requires the BLYNK_FIRMWARE_VERSION to be incremented
  • Requires the exported binary to be dragged to the Blynk.Air dashboard.

The BLYNK_FIRMWARE_VERSION issue isn’t really a problem, it’s just that it’s easy to forget to incitement the number then you do the “Export compiled binary” process then “Show sketch folder” and drag the .ino file over to Blynk.Air and do the upload - which then fails.
It would be nice if you were warned that the current firmware version is “x” and the new firmware version is also “x”, do you wish to proceed?
Also, dragging the exported binary over to Blynk.Air isn’t really an issue either, if you follow the steps I described above. It’s not as smooth as choosing the network upload port in the IDE, but you soon get used to it.