Beginner Help with TSL237 light to frequency

I just purchased a Blynkboard ESP8266 and have connected it to my Blynk app on my iPhone via wifi. I am trying to build a light sensor so I have also purchased a TSL237S-LF light to frequency sensor, alligator clips, and a .1uF capacitor. When I have the circuit connected as suggest by the manufacturer of the light sensor, I do not get any change in value readings on my iPhone blynk app when I change the light environment around the sensor. ( my wiring is the left wire of light sensor goes to ground pin, middle wire connects to a .1uF capacitor then the 3.3V pin, right wire connects to pin 12 on the blynkboard). The board is being powered via USB to an outlet. I’m very novice with electronics and couldn’t find any examples online of the TSL237 used with a blynkboard. Do I need to write any code to use the sensor? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Yes. Google tsl237s-lf arduino and/or tsl237s-lf ESP2866

e.g. Arduino Playground - HomePage

Blynk can control simple pin manipulation without code, but for specialised sensors you generally need libraries and/or coding… then Blynk becomes a GUI that works WITH your code.

There doesn’t seem to be any info on the TSL237s-LF with the ESP2866 board, I’ve seen a few examples with the arduino board. How can I use that code on the ESP2866 board?

Generaly the same code as on an Arduino board… just different libraries, if any, and pin choices (don’t use the silkscreened ones, use the Arduino equivalent… Google Blynk Board ESP8266 pinouts)