Beer Fridge with Blynk

Hello friends, I would like to share the design of my beer fridge that I made using Blynk. I hope it is useful for you too.

Beer Fridge Blynk



New firmware update.

Very good project.
I have made a control for modify setup temperature of fermentation chamber during the Startup primary fermentation… When it start and produce hot… after first attenuation I change remotely the set up following internal temp (must)

That’s right, we need to use technology to our advantage. This controller integrated with iSpindel and I monitor FG in the same App from Blynk. The idea is to make the temperature adjustment automatically as the attenuation occurs. For example raising the temperature to make the diacetyl rest and then the cold.

More details of the project are at HBT.

Right, I work with two probes.
one in the fermentation chamber and one in contact with the liquid.
The idea is to change the temperature and differential setups when I detect a downward or upward change in the temperature of the liquid.
I currently do this manually, and before blynk I had to be on site to do it. now I can experiment and modify the setups and read their values remotely, and this allows me a massive collection of information that will allow me to write an automatic control very precise… I hope!

Now I am checking the behavior of the liquid, with various parameters and quantities in liters.

Once all the information has been collected I will move on to the complete automation.