Beagle Bone Black Wireless

BeagleBone Black Wireless works with Blynk?

BeagleBone Black is listed as being supported when running JavaScript…


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I’m new to Blynk, so i would have another question if possible. If the Beaglebone doesn’t show up in the list of hardware that i can choose from in the app, considering the fact that it is mentioned on the list of supported hardware, does this mean that there is a way to manually connect the board to the Blynk app?

When you choose a board in the app it’s just really telling the server about the pin configuration of the board.
If there are no boards that are similar then you should probably choose Generic Board.

How are your JavaScript skills?


If I want to add support for beaglebone boards, how do I go about it ?
I would like for the app to show beaglebone black and PocketBeagle in the list.
I’m willing to try and do it, but not sure how should I go about it.

Yo don’t. The app’s source codes are managed by Blynk alone. They aren’t going to add every conceivable make/model of board into the boards list, and as explained earlier it’s not necessary anyway.