Battery drain with galaxy S6 (looks SOLVED!)

The Android App keeps my samsung S6 awake all day and have to force close the app to solve the battery drain. When i use the app it will prevent the phone from going in sleep or deep sleep. (Doze) My S6 gave me a warning that Blynk was consuming an abnormal amount of power. I hope the update fixes this issue. I did put the screen always on uncheked but the problem is still there. ( samsung galaxy s6 6.01)
As i was trying to use my Galaxy Tab S, to reduce the use of Blynk with my phone i have the same problem with the tablet.
Anyone who has fixed this on a galaxy S^?

Hello. thank you for posting this here. @BlynkAndroidDev was you able to find reason?

Thanks for your report here,

If will try to provide you today with a build with additional logging for such issue - to find why blynk is not stopping correctly.

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At this moment my phone is not going in sleep mode until i force close the Blynk app in the application manager.
if i forget to do this i get an alarm message on my galaxy S6 that the app is using a lot of battery.
This must be an constant internet connection with the cloud server or something?
About a few years ago i had the same issue on my galaxy s$ with a infrared remote app of color tiger (universal remote)
on my tablet there was no problem but with the Blynk app i have the issue on both.
For now i try to remember that i have to force close the app after is use this wonderful application :blush:

Probably yes. However we do close connection when app in background. We will provide you build with logging enabled to see what is going on. @BlynkAndroidDev please have a look.

Try to use this build and after Samsung alert about a lot use of battery:

  1. open it again
  2. make long press on screen title
  3. select gmail or other mail client in opened share dialog and send me file which will be attached to create mail -

thank you so much for the support.
i will try this on Monday morning :slight_smile:

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Hi @Tonyesp

Does the issue still exists - could you please send us a log after long apps background state?

Yesterday i received the android update, and after using it for a while, i saw no drain anymore. :slight_smile: I must say that this weekend my galaxy S6 gave me a notification; “app optimization”
After opening the notification it opend the app optimazation for apps that are not used for a long time. There you can choose how to update the Blynk app: [ NEVER} [ 3DAYS no USE] or {ALWAYS]
I put it on ALWAYS and now the problem is SOLVED :slight_smile:So what that meas is that the samsung app optimazation can reduce the background stuff that uses battery.
I think this is the solution for me , while i see no problem anymore .
Thanks again