Basic usage instructions

@Gunner ok, I apologize, but I’m getting crazy, so if you have something to suggest, kindly do it! :wink:

That is what he did. He said that you are using the sample sketch for USB connection, not WIFI.

Maybe try this one. Blynk Example Browser

Although I dont think I have heard of connecting an esp for wifi through i2c.

The whole USB connection thing is my fault. I signposted @attiliovolpe towards the the Arduino Nano section of the sketch builder and USB just happened to be the option that was selected at the time.

I’d assumed from his first couple of posts that @attiliovolpe had more skills and experience in the area than he apparently has and that all he needed was pointing in the right direction. I explained some of this in post #17, but we still seem to be stuck on the USB connection thing.

I really do think that given the skill levels involved, a switch to a NodeMCU or Wemos D1 Mini instead of the Nano/ESP-01 combo would be by far the simplest way of moving this forward.


If you insist on the Arduino with ESP as shield thing, then start looking here, as I previously linked to…

Otherwise pick up a standalone ESP development board as @PeteKnight suggested and save some dual-device connectivity efforts.

In my life I’m used to never give up!
Now all is fine and connected, apart from some syntax error, I had wrong fw on the ESP, I discovered changing the ESP with another one.

Thanks to everyody you, we will see with all the rest.