Bandwidth/Data Usage

I realize there can be many variables…What kind of data do you estimate the app to consume for a bare minimum connection? If I have my sketch running connected to the Blynk cloud and I am not making any requests from the app to my project, what should I expect for usage?


Hello mpo881,

in case your app doesn’t read any sensor data and doesn’t push anything to your board than you have no traffic at all between app and server.
In case your board pushes something to the app or app is reading something periodically you will got some traffic + every profile changing operation requires also request to server.
Usually any hardware message is ~50 bytes (40 bytes for minimum tcp/ip package + 10 bytes message itself). So even sending 100 req/sec from app. will take only 5kb/s bandwidth.

Let me know if you have more questions.


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Thank you very much!

Would it be possible to get some byte counter in the blink code that counts incoming and outgoing accumulated number of bytes?
When using Blank over mobile network it would be nice to know how much data that are flowing.

@matsekberg we’ll add it soon.