BananaPI - how to connect to Blynk

I have BANANA PI BPI-M1. I would like to connect it to Blynk and control GPIO ports. I tried to find some information about that.
I suppose I should use javascript code. But I can´t find any tutorial or descripotion what concretely is necessary to install to BananaPI and how to work with it.
BananaPI is not in the list of devices when new project is created. Which device should I choose?


if your banana pi is running armbian OS then almost anything running on RPI is compatible with your banana pi.
also there is some GPIO numbering difference here more info

Thank you for your responses.
I’m using Ubuntu 16.04.
I follow “Blynk + JavaScript in 20 minutes” tutorial. I choose “Raspberry Pi B(Rev1)” as device. Is it ok? Using virtual pins works great.
“scropion86” says, that there is a difference in some GPIO numbering between Raspberry and BananaPi (web which descibe it is out of my current knowledge).
Is it possible to control GPIO directly over Blynk? Or is it possible over JavaScript? How can I do it?