Backup project

On mobile “A” I created some Blynk projects. On mobile “B” I cloned the previous projects via Qrcode. If phone A breaks or is lost, how should I go about recovering the projects built on cell “A” ? Is there a method to create backup files of mobile “A” that can be imported on cellphone “C” and become the equivalent of “A” ?

The projects are not stored on your phone, they are stored on the Blynk server.
Signing-in to the Blynk server with your credentials for account “A” on a new phone will automatically download all of the projects relating to account “A” onto that phone. In fact, you can use multiple mobile devices (phones, tablets etc) to sign-in to the same account and they will all have exactly the same projects on them,and you can control/edit/update those projects from any of those mobile devices.


very clear!

you can’t do what you propose with the QR code …

QR codes are generated when you clone or share a project. Neither of these options give you access to a fully working copy of your current project.

Gives you the app layout so that it can be used in a new project (with new Auth Codes and MCUs). This is handy if you create a complex app layout and want to share it with forum members so that they can make their own version that has no interaction whatsoever with your Blynk account or MCU devices. To import a cloned project into a Blynk account the account holder needs to have enough energy to cover the ‘cost’ of the widgets used.

This costs 1,000 units of energy and gives users access to your project to control your devices, but prevents them from editing the project. If you edit the project on one of your mobile devices then the changes will be reflected in the shared copies of the project.