Backup project tokens

@Dmitriy, if i have a big project with 20 devices on the cloud server, and somehow the project disappears, there is any possibility to restore the project with all the 20 original tokens?

or even if i create qr backup, the tokens are lost forever?

How is that?

We have the daily backup in the system for all the data. However, it is only for some emergencies. We do not restore data usually by personal requests, only for business customers.

Current public Blynk Cloud business model (one time purchases) doesn’t allow to provide backup services “by user request”.

don’t know… project gets accidently deleted by user, server error or whatever.

what i’m concerned, if the project is lost and not possible to restore the tokens, than all units have to be individually uploaded with new firmware.

It is possible.

@wanek This is one reason I use Local Server… I have full backups. Reinstall basics for Java and Server, drop in the backup folder and boom, everything back to normal.