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Well, can I hope that annoying bug shown on image will be fixed soon?
To be absolutely exact: current time SuperChart shows is -1h from real.

PS: Local server time is same as time of phone.

Superchart is not getting updates if the project is stopped.

This shot is especially for you.

Thanks :wink:

@walkin-corpse is that Android? Latest version?

Still sounds like something on your end? Local Server time is off? Not latest App, Library, LS… etc.

So far, any SuperGraph I use is spot on for time.

Sure it is latest Android version. I have Android 4.2.2.

Yeah, everything in the world is on my side. Local server time is on (it was written in original msg, mr Hawk Eye), latest lib, app, and I dunno wtf is LS.

I already told in another topic entitled “SuperChart bug list” about the fact that old HistoryGraph treat time correctly! The post contains some screenshots that showing it. But I suspect no one read it carefully.

I certainly didn’t but that goes for all your posts :slight_smile:


I suspect someone would. I would advise to watch your attitude and manners, seems you have chosen most effective way to be absolutely and totally ignored. Your posts are extremely irritating and rude, so take your breath, breathe deeply, calm down and act like a civilized and kind human being when asking for help. How much did you pay for the Blynk widgets you’re not pleased with anyway?


Unfortunately, such style of conversation is typical for Eastern-European people. And it doesn’t mean that they are mean :slight_smile: . This is just the way they used to communicate due to cultural, historical, mentality, and surroundings issues. Please take it into account.

It’s slowly changing for better, but it requires time…

@walkin-corpse It’s a peaceful community, where Blynkers help each other in 99.99999% cases. There is no need to confront or be offensive straight from the beginning - it just doesn’t work for your favor. Being positive opens way more doors than you can imagine.

Also, please don’t expect that all your requests will be fixed the moment you post them. We are still a pretty small team for such a complex product as Blynk. All of the feedback is noted and placed on the roadmap. As we get more feedback for bugs - this issue becomes a priority and we fix it.

This is simply not true. I had a lots of colleagues from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, just name it, and I can assure you that nobody acts even similar to this. This guy is just demanding full service without paying anything for it, playing bully at the community site at the same time. And he should be treated with most powerful weapon for flamers - big, fat ignore.


And we thanks you all for it :smiley: I believe Blynk developers have already fixed this timing issue, as I did notice it in the past but it has since cleared up as you released updates and I promptly installed them…

…Including my LS (hmm, L and S, in reference to Blynk… App? nope… Device/MCU? nope/nope… Local Ser… Ah Ha !!)

I’m so glad you don’t have such experience! This is really awesome!
I’m a Ukrainian living in US, and I can compare. Especially when I go back to visit my fam in Ukraine.

I prefer Gandhi / John Lennon style
:pray: :peace_symbol: :person_in_lotus_position:


Well, switching to personal instead of discussing real bugs. Yeah, it really lead to maximal productivity. I suspect this tread still not full of discussing of my bad behavior. It really can contain more of shit about “Western Europe”, “Wild Russians” etc.
You feel free to discuss more topics here, with single requirement - no relation with forum theme.

Gunner, my local server is most recent too, I hope you understand.

Don’t mind, one bug less, one bug more. Just be polite and no report anything! ))) I just wondering how vhymanskyy managed just adequately react to my report and fix the issue really fast. Other “Co-founders” prefers just marking my topics as “Solved”. Very foolish!

I’m from Serbia, this is not Western Europe. Being polite has nothing to do with your prejudice. I haven’t met any ‘Wild Russians’ except you. And I bet you are not so wild and angry when you are not hidden behind your screen, using your keyboard as a weapon. This is just not the way to communicate with other people. Sooner you learn that, it would be easier for you.

Whoever marked this topic as Solved, and I seriously doubt it was @vshymanskyy or any other member of Blynk team, made a good choice. I can see that your problem is serious, but I’m afraid it can’t be solved here.

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Ow… hot… :fire::wink:

@walkin-corpse I marked your topic solved as the Developers DID resolve the time issue. And marking solved doesn’t just mean the precise issue at hand, but as a polite way of marking the topic in general as resolved one way or another.

Next issue… If you really feel you have done everything updated, rebuilt project, tested with other projects & code, etc… and can provide definitive evidence of said efforts and ongoing issues, then perhaps you will get answers… provided you drop the aggressive ‘blame everyone else’ attitude that you have displayed in most every. single. post… Oh, and be patient and give the developers time… Then perhaps you will be accepted as a forum member in need instead of a ‘topic’ to playfully jest about in ‘off topic’ posts.

PS If your server is on an RPi, I have noticed some issues getting my LS tests on RPi and even my C.H.I.P. (both without built in RTC) devices time to stay accurate ‘at times’ :stuck_out_tongue: And have noticed that affecting some of my Blynk projects in the past. Normally I run my primary LS on a netbook, so it maintains it’s RTC much more accurately.

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@walkin-corpse thanks man for the 1 star review for trying to solve your issue.

Haters Gonna Hate

Let him try to find a better App/Platform, as none exist (IMO). BLYNK is awesome, just keep doing what your doing. I suspect that even with his 1 Star review and his hate for SuperChart, he is still, and will continue, using the APP.


can you show me the code of read the voltage using voltage sensor.