Average Values

Hello. Here I am again. First of all, thank’s for all the help You have been doing.

Let’s go.
Before using BLYNK I used GRAFANA to display the data. There was an option that calculated and showed the average of the values ​​read in the time interval selected by the customer. Is there a way to do something similar in BLYNK?

Not yet, but this idea has been circulating for quite a while within our product team. Would you be able to share more details on the use case and how this data should be accessed by the end-user?


Hello Pavel.

In some cases the users need to know de avarege of a data in a period of time, like ambient umidity, temperature, CO2 concentration…
There could exist a widget that shows a avarege of the datastream in the period of time that is selected on the web dashboard. On the moble app it would work the same way but with a place to select the period of time to be calculated, like the chart.
I imagine it like a labled display widget.

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Some day ago I sugested a labled display with the avearage of the data in a period of time.

In fact, the real idea is a disply where I can show the Max, Min or AVR of the period selected.

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