Automations - Some time it's popup Notification - Some time it is not!

I add an Automations - Look like images
But some time it’s popup Notification - Some time it is not!
Is it a problem? Can every body tell me know! Thank you so much!


Please, need more information.

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Yes, i have capture a video . Let you see this video.
It is popup 20 Notifications only. And then it is not popup anymore!
Thank you!

What plan are you using?

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I am using Free plan. What’s the limit?

Hello. There is a limit. 20 emails/pushes per device per 1 hour in automations.

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What documents talk about this Sir?
And how to get more?

@luong5490 you can check current limits here - Limits - Blynk Documentation

Some limits may be not yet documented, some may be tuned in the future.

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