Automations, minimum wait time

Hey folks, does anyone but Pete know the minimum wait time when setting up an Automation? (Wait, then do something). Seems to add an hour to anytime I select.

Thanks for any help, Mike

1 second is the minimum wait that you can choose in the app. But it will not be reliable as the commands will be sent from the cloud, the device may miss that command due to latency. You will have to experiment and see it yourself.

Same in web console

@M_Angeles, Hello, you can read Automations - Blynk Documentation

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That’s what I thought. Any value I select adds an hour to my selection. 3 min. becomes 1h 3 min.
3 hours becomes 4h
The Default 15 minutes becomes 1h 15 min. Etc. Strange. (To me)
Verified my timezone with phone and Blynk is set correctly.
Ver 1.10.5

Edit, I used the console to set up the automation. Was able to select any value and save.
Unfortunately the wait and do something action was NOT saved.
Could be me, no idea. It is odd.
Thanks for looking.


Issue with +1h will be fixed in next app version

Thank you

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Issue resolved with app update.
Thank you,

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