Automated sliding lock with fire safety feature using raspberry pi & python

I have a project that I need to finish in two weeks, and I really need all the help i can from everyone here.
I’m really new at python and i’m trying to figure out how to make the variables from temperature sensor and gas sensor to unlock the door lock, which is the servo motor.
The lock can controlled with Blynk, and at the same time, can automatically unlock the lock when certain variables are present.
Also need help with bulding the blynk app.
The app will display temprature reading and show lock status apart from controlling the lock itself.
A notification will also be shown when a fire is present.
I really hope anyone can give a hand with this project…

Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately there are few issues with your request…

This forum is here to assist with your own learning of how to use Blynk, it’s commands, and it’s features… not teach anyone how to program. Nor do we code all, or even part of it for you.

And by help learn, we mean you first read through all the readily available Documentation and examples (all those links are at the upper right of this page… scroll up if you don’t see them), and learn how they work… but you can certainly ask questions as you go… and we assist with those questions as best able.

The other issue would be that the python variation of Blynk is in Alpha stage… in fact even the javascript method is a little lean on documentation… so even assisting on basic Blynk related questions for those languages will be limited to a very few individuals.

I recommend you start off with a little reading and take it from there…

hey gunner.
my pi and the blynk keep losing connection.
when i run blynk from the command prompt, there’s a connection, for a while. Then it just disconnected. i’m not sure what the problem here…
Any solutions to this gunner?

Any errors to show us?

no errors were shown here. but just that the device keeps going offline after a few seconds i ran the blynk on the command prompt

If by this you meen on the Terminal’s CLI in the Rpi, then there should be some form of error if there is a code problem… or perhaps nothing if your program is somehow exiting cleanly. Otherwise I have no idea.

Show us the code that does this…

I solved the connection problem.
I didn’t run the ./ raspberry before. :sweat_smile:

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