Automated Bartender made by Blynk and Amazon echo

Hello every Blynks friends
I made this automated bartender to makes different kind of drinks
The story behind this is coz my fiancé she likes some time to drink the Cadillac margrita and Long Island and me I like to drink vodka and whyski some times so I decided to make this bartender
I used particle photon and I used Blynk also Amazon echo Alexa to order by voice and by Blynk with tablet .

Thanks for Blynk to let us create those amazing thing and makes things easy for us and for life
Here is the video .


Great monday inspiration :smile:

Awesome project!

I’ll drink to that :smiley:

This is fantastic. Could you explain how you built the Amazon Echo skill? I find their instructions confusing.

Hello sir
Thanks for the comments

So I didn’t use the Alexa skills I know it’s confusing I tried but but I didn’t get any luck .
But I used Ifttt and Photon to call the function
If u need more explanation let me know

No explanation necessary. I’ve used the Alexa IFTTT channel before. I just wish that the commands were more natural sounding (i.e. not using “trigger”).

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Yes that’s true I’ll work on that next step .

I’ve spend some time trying to build alexa + photon + blynk, but I’m just too bad at coding.

My home is already running on IFTTT Alexa and Maker channel to Blynk, but saying “trigger this/that” really sucks.

We’d pay with Blynk unlimited Energy and community recognition to someone who would create a working example and share it with others. :wink:


Wait, what?!! @Pavel, founder of Blynk is “bad at coding”? :astonished:

@chrome1000 I code for him :grin:

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That would be great :slight_smile:

I’m good to a certain level only. My kingdom is design and UX ) + making @Dmitriy work, haha )

Has anyone figured out a way to make this work nicely? It would be super awesome if this would be possible!


EDIT: To clarify, I am asking to see if a full tutorial or project ever was developed that nicely linked amazon alexa and blynk together without using IFTTT.

@acs14007 Please take note of time / date stamps before commenting.

This is an older topic and your question is rather vague… Make “what” work nicely?.. the topic already shows a working project.

Anyhow. If you have specific question relating to a project of your own. please create a new topic. Thanks.