Authorization Token - Keep it secret?

Is there a need to keep your Authorization Codes secret? They currently only work under your login credentials alone, correct?


They currently only work under your login credentials alone, correct?

No. Any user can use your token. So you have to keep it in a secret.

Oh…then everyone sharing their Blynk sketches on Codebender (like myself) or Github should remove their token. That stinks since I’ve converted to working in Codebender now. What could they do other than control the device? Anything?

Well, they can’t control device unless you have a Bridge widget (this is one of the features of Bridge Widget). But they can retrieve all commands you send from your application and send any Blynk command to your smartphone

Someone should setup an arduino with a webcam and let people activate some lights and servos from afar.

Codebender provides premium accounts, where you can store your code privately. @tzikis can tell more about it

Yup they do. Even though I love codebender, I can just keep my arduino directory and libraries on dropbox for free. They should offer one or two or three free private sketches.

hey @nickcornaglia, actually you can just use your Blynk gift code which gives you 2 private projects on codebender for free. Every Blynk user should have one, as that’s part of our collaboration with Blynk.

Also, I do understand that you can sync your code on Dropbox, but besides that not being really secure (as you can see with a fast google search about dropbox’s security and sharing system), it also doesn’t take care of updating the Blynk library (or any other Arduino library you may be using), the boards you can use, or the ability to collaborate and share code easily online without installing and maintaining all the necessary tools.

So in that end, we do believe we are offering something much, much better. As for the private sketches, we have expenses, and we need to keep the lights on, so we have to make money somehow.

It’s Blynkers who backed us on Kickstarter who got the codes. Not every Blynk user.
But we would be happy to give this opportunity for every Blynker as well :wink:

ah sorry, i wrongly assumed @nickcornaglia was one of the kickstarter backers.

well, we can always discuss this :slight_smile: