Authentication token portability

At present, an authentication token is generated by the app, and must be copied into the device’s code. This works great, as long as I’m the only person who needs to control my device. But let’s suppose that I want to give my Blynk-controlled device to a friend. In order for him to control the device with Blynk, I’d have to recompile and upload the code with my friend’s authentication token. Wouldn’t it be simpler if I could just give him the authentication token that’s already on the device? He pastes it INTO his app, and boom… he’s in control.

This would also work well for times when you’d like multiple versions of an interface for one device. I frequently want both a simplified, “user version” of a dashboard, as well as an experimental / testing version.

Agree. We currently working on it. This feature is called “Sharing”. Stay tuned!

A little different, but in the same vein… is it possible to have a single app use multiple authentication tokens in order to read data from multiple devices in the same interface? Is there a solution for this currently?

There is the Bridge widget for that. I think that does all you want,

Or you could indeed use multiple auth tokens. I’ve seen someone do that, but I believe his goal was to add multiple dashboards to the same device to get a bigger dashboard space.