AUTH TOKEN issue help

When you create a device from your template you can view the Auth token in the device info screen of the web console.



in the console I’m only getting the BLYNK TEMPLATE ID and BLYNK DEVICE NAME no AUTH token

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Go to then my devices click on device then device info

That’s because you are looking at the template screen, not the device screen.


thank you

You’re welcome bro.

I can’t find my auth token, i don’t have the device tab as you mentioned

oh my god thank you so much i have been looking at the wrong place

Hi everyone. I accidentally deleted my template and my device was removed from the dashboard. I created template and device once again. But I can’t reuse the existing auth token for newly created device. I can see here on the screenshot, that there is an edit icon for the auth token. But there is no possibility to edit the auth token on my dashboard. Is there any way to add the new device with the existing token? Thank you!

No, that’s a copy icon.



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Thanks for the reply, Pete! Cool functionality, one inaccurate move and I need to reprogram my device.

Weren’t you prompted with an “are you sure” message and forced to type DELETE in the dialogue box and tick the “I fully understand that this action is critical and will lead to data loss” checkbox?


Nope, I weren’t. I did it from my android app. After clicking the delete template button I had an infinite spinner on my device and I had to restart the app. I spotted, that the both devices, which used the deleted templated were absent after app restart.

Update: I tried to do it once again and I received the prompt. Looks like it was some glitch for the time. Lucky me.

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