Auth code refresh

Guys please put a confirmation when clicking on refresh - i just finished uploading everything and was checking stuff in the app when i pressed refresh by mistake and got a new auth code


Lol, I was a person who insisted to remove this confirmation =).

the auth code single click of death is honestly terrible from a development standpoint. especially since you can never enter back in an old auth token. There should also be a way to lock down the settings to the author only (havent used share yet so not sure if its there)

but if you had a program shared and you bump the refresh, you now have to reflash everything with the new auth code…

Yes this is terrible, i got bit by this the very first time I used blynk. Bad experience if your board was in the field or not instantly reprogrammable.

At least rename it to REGENERATE or something

Already in development. Will be available in with next update.