ATmega 328 - more than 32 pin

Dear vhymanskyy, several months ago, following your suggestion, I uncommented the line “#define BLYNK_USE_128_VPINS” in file config.h in order to deal with 128 pins on my ATmega 328.

Everything has gone ok until I have updated the library. Now this workaround doesn’t work anymore. I have errors at compile time (… virtual pins 32 not defined …).

I have noticed that now the file config.h is inside the directory Blynk/src/Blynk instead before it was simply inside Blynk.

Can you please help me? It’s very important …
Thanks a lot,

Yes I will check this - but it will take few days.

Thanks a lot. This evening I have reinstalled a backup copy of all the libraries of Arduino (Blynk included)
and now it’s all ok again.
Actually I’m not very sure that the issue is due to new Blynk libraries because in this period I have updated also a lot of Arduino’s libraries. In the next day I’ll update one library at a time to discover the real issue. I’ll keep you informed.

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