Assign Templates to Users

Is / will it be possible to assign templates to users, depending on user roles?


What would be the reason for doing that?


Say in an organisation you have 2 templates and 3 users:

1 template for viewing data
1 template with switching options

2 are Staff and can view data and switch options
1 is User and can only see data

For me that would be a necessary option especially as we can assign users as: Admin/Staff/User.
So really the ability to assign templates to user rolls.


You can use role-controlled dashboards in console and tabs in mobile app

I can see the roll control for tabs in the dashboard, but not in the mobile app.

Personally, it could be a necessary feature to be able to roll control the templates as well.


In mobile role controlled tabs can be added to device info.

No plans to add role-controlled templates.

Aren’t these a “Pages” widget as opposed to a “Tabs” widget?


Even there I can’t see where one can assign roles.


I have this option…

But I maybe that’s only available with a Pro subscription?


Must be why then, I have the Plus subscription :neutral_face:


Hi Lan,

You need to select “device info tab” settings, this function is only there.

Dmitriy from Blynk