Arilux AL-LCO 1

im trying to control an arililux cheap wifi rgb strip controller with blynk any suggestions or has anybody been doin this?


Blynk is a GUI interface for use predominantly with IoT application… it can be used to add this ‘remote’ control almost anything, but it doesn’t replace whatever normal Arduino code and libraries are needed for whatever device/sensor/contraption you are using.

First figure out how to control it (if possible) without Blynk, then later you can merge it into a Blynk format for it’s great IoT style control.

And as far as hacking this particular device… it might be possible if it is truly an ESP8266 based controller and accessible for reprogramming (much like the Sonoff switches) but unless someone else in the internet has already done so…well that is not really the focus of this forum.

its esp8266-12 based so it should be but its no where to be found on the internet
also it has its own app i can also put te software on a stand alone esp8266-01 but dont know what kind of outputs it gives and what commands it recieves from the existing app

Well it is a big place, so keep looking I guess ;)… or start hacking it yourself. Sometimes those types of projects are a great learning process.

Of course you could also just start with a normal ESP8266 device and make your own controller with Blynk… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: There are a few topics about that already on this forum and GitHub. use the search function on this page and take a look.

i made some relay switches to turn off lights in my house going to buy a digital led strip tocontril with a esp 01 should be easy peasy lemon sqeezy

I used a Wemos D1 Mini… and it is :slight_smile: I even have RGBs in my shower :stuck_out_tongue: and along the front of my motorhome.

but thats digital rgb arilux is a analog controler and i have an analog strip i want to control