Ardunio uno over esp link(ESP 01)

hi every one
I have some project and need monitor project
I can use blynk over ESP link?

no. the esp-link firmware doesn’t have a corresponding proper Arduino networking library

1 Like can use blynk over without ssid and pass mode via ardunio uno and esp_01(esp-01 is server mode and phone is client mode)?

Can you clarify the question?

You appear to be talking about the ESP-01 acting as a Blynk server, which isn’t possible.

You can use an ESP-01 as a WiFi modem for an Arduino, and that setup is discussed in many of the Blynk help documents and topics within this forum.


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I want to monitor some temperature sensors outside the house via my phone, but the problem is that I do not have access to the Wi-Fi modem. Is there no way for the Wi-Fi module to connect directly to the phone as a server?

No, not using Blynk.


ok i can use monitor over usb and Bluetooth connection?

For the device to use a USB connection to the Blynk server, an internet connected computer which is running the Blynk USB script is required. I cant imagine that you’ll have this in the scenario you describe.

You can connect via Bluetooth, provided that your phone is within Bluetooth connection range to your device. However, no data from these temperature sensors will be sent to Blynk when there is no Bluetooth connection present.

Have you considered a GPRS connection to the Blynk server, probably using a Ttgo t-call ESP32 device with built-in GPRS modem and SIM card holder?


ok i want use Bluetooth connection for monitoring my project beacuse i dont need monitoring the project remote
my project include arduno uno + SSD1306 i2c +hc05
i have 9 separate data cases on my display.which i move by pressing the key on each one
how can i have the information of all 9 cases together on my android phone via blyink?
beacuse these nine cases are seprate in my sketch

thanks pete