Arduino Yun connection issues

I have tried my Arduino Yun as well as a Arduino Leonardo with the Dragino Yun board and both give me the same result.

I have a TP-Link MR-3020 wireless router that has a cellular modem plugged in and connected to the internet - in fact I am typing thios on my laptop which is also connected to the TP-Link router by wireless so the internet connection is working. I have also checked in the TP-Link router DHCP client list and the Yun is there and I can navigate to the Yun page so it is obviously connected also.

I have tried the Yun example with the WIFI connection, copied in my Auth token and uploaded the sketch. In the monitor I get

Does this mean it is connected? It hasn’t provided the IP address as in your example.

Also I am using an Iphone SE6 and cannot seem to be able to add widgets, I have followed your instruction and can create Projects(devices) and add Tags but cannot figure out how to add widgets?



I believe your screenshot does show a proper connection… at least between the Yun and the Cloud Server… however that ping time is dreadfully slow and would be the cause of many issues.

Not sure how you can accomplish one but not the other? Once on a project page, you first make sure it is “stopped” (It should show an arrow/triangle in the upper right corner), then simply tap the + button, or any blank spot on the screen and your Widget Box, containing a list of available widgets will show… then just click on one.

Thanks Gunner.

I must have had one of those senior moments, got the iphone stuff working and all connecting well.

The slow ping time is probably because I am using an ancient (in computer terms) USB modem in the TP-Link router, compounded by the WIFI connection which will be slower than an ethernet connection. For our work it isn’t imperative to have the fastest connection, more interested in the lowest power draw possible so our solar backed batteries have longevity.

Happily have the demo LED button code working as a demo so now to write something really useful. Also to go back to test my Dragino on the Leonardo board as that combination draws way less than the Arduino YUN.

This stuff is really exciting and the Blynk concept is brilliant.