Arduino Uno Wifi Rev2 SSL connection to Blynk

Hey all,

Now that I am finally playing with this board, I am realizing that the processing power is quite limited and therefore probably why there isn’t many people using this board or the Wifi module for SSL connections…

My question is simple and probably stupid to most professional and experienced network and electronic gurus…

  • Is it not possible to use Arduino IDE WifiNINA to load SSL certificates from a Blynk domain (:443) into the Wifi module and then somehow (through code) force always WifiSSL connections to the Blynk cloud server?

Pardon the simplistic view… This community is great and the github as well but I have not yet found a definitive answer of yes its possible. Or… NO, it is not, just give up, the hardware sucks and way too much custom coding knowledge needed!!!

Who cares about SSL? Maybe i am over thinking the security aspect? There is no way in hell any hacker could ever get any usefull info out of the standard (:80) Blynk connection anyways??

Thanks alot!
P.s. great app and product! Leading edge in my opinion!