Arduino Uno/mega with nodemcu to blynk

I want to send my sensor data collected on Arduino to blynk LCD widget with node MCU (ESP-12E) module. But when I try serial communication between Arduino and MCU the MCU do not receive the data properly. Please provide solutions, suggestions and kind of tips please. I’ve tried voltage level convertor, register voltage divider both but no proper data transfer between Arduino and nodemcu. (Paralelly the nodemcu must send data to blynk LCD and mail as well) @discobot

Try to use ESP at a lower baudrate… Check 9600 baudrate for example, you need to change the MCU baudrate with AT commnads…

AT+UART_DEF=9600,8,1,0,0 (Google it… i don’t remember it exactly)

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I’ve tried Arduino at 9600 and MCU 9600
Arduino 115200 and MCU 9600
Arduino 9600 and MCU 115200

You can also check if the MCU has the latest firmware…

The baudrate of arduino-pc doesn’t matter.
The baudrate of arduino-MCU need to be the same baudrate cofigured with AT commands. I think remember that by default the baudrate is 115200 but this baudrate with old AT firmware make a lot of glitch at serial communication

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Look at something like the Easy Transfer library for that… Blynk can then run on the NodeMCU and send your data to the phone.

This is an example of a Blynkified ESP controlling an Arduino (normal non-Blynk code) running a stepper motot, but the concept can work the other way to send data to the ESP as well.