Arduino UNO + ESP8266 + Ultrasonic sensor + Blynk

Hey guys! I just started my first ever project on Smart Waste Management.For this project I am using Arduino Uno, Esp8266(to connect to Blynk mobile app using wifi), Ultrasonic sensor(to measure distance of trash in a trash-can) and Blynk app(to display levels of trash in trash-can using Led options in blynk,like green for empty, yellow for half-full and red for full).Can you please help me with the code for linking up above components using Arduino Ide?pleaseee…!

Have you run the ultra sonic sensor without Blynk?

Try reading all of this topic (don’t give up halfway through)…


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If Pete’s suggestion don’t work… Nothing will LOL. Anyway take your previous code make it into its own separate void function, add a blynk write to a virtual pin on the app and set a timer to call it ever 10 seconds or put a button trigger that reads it every time you open the garbage can.

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Hey man do u have the entire code for this. I too am doing the same project using node mcu. If you can could you please send the code to this email