Arduino UNO + ESP8266 + BLYNK working with WifiManager by tzapu


Recently I tried by connecting my Arduino UNO, using ESP8266 to Blynk server, and I suceed to control all the LEDs which were connected to my Arduino, also I was getting temperature readings by creating virtualpins.

My question is first if it’s possible to make this:
Arduino UNO with ESP8266 serialsofware communication, with Blynk and using WifiManager by tzapu?

So my problem is that I want to let’s say control LED which is connected to Arduino UNO, and I want also that I can use Wifimanager if I want to connect it to another wifi?

Would it be enough to install WifiManager sketch on ESP8266, or that WifiManager sketch needs to be combined on Arduino Uno?


I would try it and see… meanwhile you should modify your title to better reflect your actual question, so as to attract the right readers & answers.

Thank you so much for your replay, when I “sketch” it in my head I do not see a reason why it wouldn’t work.
Basically Arduino Uno uses software serial communication to ESP to connectio to Blynk cloud servers.
Arduino Uno would use AT commands only to make connection to wifi network? AT commands are not needed to transfere data between Arduino Uno and Blynk Servers?

@sniperkiki I try never to use ESP’s as WiFi shields but AFAIK WiFiManager will only work on an ESP and not in shield mode.

@Costas so you would tell me that ESP is better only to use Standalone? Just for some minor needs?
What would you recommend, which device to use with Blynk for more sensors.
I have several Wemos D1’s available? I also tried to put Wifimanager on Wemos D1 and it worked nicely.
Just how to combine it with Blynk? I need to merge sciprts?

@sniperkiki yes standalone mode is MUCH more reliable than shield mode.

We are big fans of the WeMos but we use the Mini’s. Are yours the full size boards?

The full D1 looks fine but a little too big for us.

WiFiManager works fine with WeMos and Blynk. You just have to use the extra parameter setting in WiFiManager for the Blynk token and the library has an example for this. From memory the 32 characters shown in the example needs to be 33 characters or you will find that the stored token is one character short.

I was reading about this 32 and 33 characters issues.
Thank you so much for advice, will look into that in next several hours and if I need any more help will let you know here.

One thing confuses me… I’ve seen that Blynk has it’s own ESP8266 library added to sketch, and Wifimanager has also it’s own.
Should I keep both or?

Keep all ESP libraries.

ESP8266 software serial with Arduino UNO, Blynk and Wifimanager is only way to make it work if I put Wifimanager directly to ESP8266 board, and just to Arduino Uno?

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Forget the UNO if you want to use WiFi Manager.

I’ll try those things we were speaking about first thin in morning as soon as I reach office, and will let you know just for the future reference and for others reading this thread.

By saying Forget UNO, you mean it’s not possible to do it, or it’s not recommended?

Thank you Costas!

WiFIManager is for ESP’s not Arduino’s so AFAIK it is simply not possible.