Arduino to Blynk on Android (Bluetooth) to Blynk on iPhone

I want to log data of my schools garden to the Blynk app. I was going to use a NodeMcu so that as long as it was attached to wifi we could view it on any device anywhere. But, the schools wifi requires credentials the NodeMcu can’t get. So I’m wondering if I had the garden hooked up to Bluetooth, connected to an Android in close proximity running Blynk, would that Android device be able to share the data to other devices (iPhones, and Androids) that aren’t within close proximity? How would I do that?

Blynk Bluetooth and BLE is currently used as a dedicated (serverless) link between the App and Device for limited applications (not all widgets supported), and is still in BETA. It is not available for other data transfer uses.

You would have to look at alternative methods of getting your device online… GSM module, direct to the device (instead of WiFi - if possible - or use another device) or perhaps some other form of Cellular WiFi hotspot for it to connect to.