Arduino+SIM800L, disconnection GPRS and how to reconnect?

Hi everybody.
Could you help me to solve next situation:
If there are no funds on the balance of the SIM card and Internet access is limited, after launching sketch and calling in “void Setup” Blynk.begin (auth, …), the modem is initialized, the GPRS connection is opened, but without access to the Internet. Blynk tries connect to the server every 30 seconds (approximate) . This continues to infinity. Accordingly, the “void loop” does not start. After the receipt of money on the SIM card balance, GSM provider disconnect the current GPRS connection, but Blynk does not reconnect it and continues trying to connect to How to restart GPRS connection? Or how to limit the number of attempts to connect to the server in command Blynk.begin(…)?


I have not worked construction:
Blynk.config( auth );

I found mistake in doc for Blynk connection management.
It was necessary to use:
Blynk.config( modem, auth )

Everything works fine.