Arduino serial example

Although I’ve got a variety of networked hardware, I’d like to try to get the Arduino serial example working. Presumably, there is some kind of bridge to make this work, but its not obvious where the documentation is on it.


Hi Mike,

right now documentation should be exactly in specific sketch example. But you are right - in serial sketch it is missing. Please use for now “Transports/Serial_with_prints” sketch. It has all required instructions. I’ll update serial example right now.


So, I went to Serial with prints. And it said.

Run the script (it will redirect traffic to server):

  •  for Windows:         scripts/blynk-ser.bat
  •  for Linux and OSX:   ./scripts/ (may need to run with sudo)
  • You can specify port, baud rate, and server endpoint like this:
  •  ./ -c <serial port> -b <baud rate> -s <server address> -p <server port>
  • For instance :
  •  ./ -c /dev/ttyACM0 -b 9600 -s -p 8442
  • Run -h for more information

So where do I get from?


Please look at the Blynk library folder. There’s a folder called Scripts.

Thanks, got it. Might be nice to include that in the sketch header, my eye went over it in the intro text.

Agree. Doc. updated.

Thanks for reporting!

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