Arduino project with Led, Blynk and Button

Hello guys,

So im new with blynk and i need help with my project.
My project is a program to make a led turn on and off with a button and i wanted it to work with blynk simultaneously, and i tried to do it but i failed, so i hope u guys can help.

The Hardware i have to work with blynk is:
1 Arduino Uno with HC-05
Working with an Android

This is the Code I use for the button

int led=13;// led in pin 13
int botao=12;// button in pin 12
int var=0;
int var2=0;
int estado=0;//keeps value 0 ou 1 (HIGH ou LOW)
void setup()
void loop()
var=digitalRead(botao); // reads the value sended by the button: “HIGH” ou “LOW”
if ((var == HIGH) && (var2 == LOW)) {
estado = 1 - estado;
delay(20); // de-bouncing
if (estado == 1) {
digitalWrite(led, HIGH); // turns on the led
} else {
digitalWrite(led, LOW);// turns off the led