Arduino not in network

My arduino gets easily disconnected from the network. I am using it with cc3000. Can someone please tell me why this happens?

Does it really get disconnected or do you only just see that Msg in the app screen?

Does your program actually work?

I see this msg on the app. The program does not work. I have to close the serial monitor and open it again to restart.

Then you should post up your sketch for us to look at…

I have only added a single button

So you don’t want to post your code? Is it secret?

CC3000 is known to be very unstable and buggy. That’s why you don’t see new products with it.
So please just don’t expect too much from it :wink:

Thanks Pavel. I am also finding it quite buggy. Even the pwm pins are not working properly.
There goes my money :frowning:
Do you have an suggestion for an alternate WiFi shield that I can use with my uno?
I will switch to esp8266-01 now.

I tried it using esp8266

Something it says failed to set STA mode

and the arduino is not in network is still there

and when it gets connected, I normally get login timeout

@Pavel are you there?

@KAUSTUBHAGARWAL you mentioned moving to an ESP-01.

Personally I would only consider an 01 if there was absolutely no way I could find room in my project case for one of the ESP’s that were released since the 01 became available.

You could get a Wemos D1 Mini, they appear to work quit nice. I haven’t been able to test them because of busy times at work and such, but it looks like a very nice device for people like us. There are several people here who have had excellent results with it.