Arduino MKR Zero limit virtual pins

I’m using blynk on Arduino Mega with many virtual pins …
now I would like to change CPU and use Arduino MKR Zero but during compilation an error occurs because MKR handles only 31 virtual pins …
I think it’s an error because selecting the MKR1000 that is identical (but also has wifi) the problem is not there. even on Android creating a new project with my CPU I can use 137 virtual pins …

There is a hack to allow any MCU to have access to 128 virtual pins but obviously some MCU’s can’t cope with the strain.

The hack is on this site / in the docs for you to dig out. I only use MCU’s with default access to 128 virtual pins.

MKR zero is a high performance CPU identical to mkr1000…for this I think it is a mistake of the library …

Does the Arduino IDE automatically download the board settings for your device when you first plug it in?

Or you can only select MKR1000 in the IDE?

How did MKR1000 appear in your IDE?

you have downloaded all the information. now I have a section with all 32 bit processors (two, mkr1000, etc.).

@vshymanskyy can you please add 128 v pins for this device.

@Luigi_Puntaloro search out the hack until such time as the libraries are updated.

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@Luigi_Puntaloro It has been 6 hours, and you really should start at the top of the Docs and read all the way to the bottom… even if you don’t remember it all, something might click down the road… but for this “issue”, in case you still haven’t fount it… a HINT - look in the FAQ section :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestions!!!