Arduino MKR 1400 GSM example

The latest blynk library 0.5.3 is said to support the Arduino MKR 1400 GSM module. Could anyone able to connect to blynk(over GSM) using this hardware please share a code example, or where to find it if there is one?

Was able to figure this one out by reading thoroughly the TinyGSM readme file. The changes needed to be made to the blynkclient example is described there.

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Great. We’ll include a special example in one of the next updates.

It would be really nice if we could have an example connecting the MKR 1400 with Blynk via the MKRGSM library instead of TinyGSM. The MKRGSM supports calls and sms messages. Thank you.

You can make it similar to examples here:
But up to our info, MKRGSM has much more bugs.