Arduino MKR 1010 doesn't reconnect after Blynk.Air shipment

I’m using Arduino MKR 1010 WiFi for my project and Edgent_MKR1010 example as a boilerplate. First I upload the code to the board via USB and configure it via the app (Reconfigure option) to provide wifi credentials. When I export the compiled binary and create new shipping (higher firmware version), my device downloads the code but never comes online. It goes back in AP mode and I have to reconfigure it again… Is this an MKR 1010 thing or a bug in the example? I’ve searched the documentation and forum but it’s said that the device uses previously entered credentials and should come back online right after the upgrade. Any ideas on how to solve that?


I’ve tried Blynk.Air again with two new MKRs 1010 and this time, the OTA update works as expected! I believe it’s a faulty MKR 1010 WiFi so it doesn’t reboot as it should. There is no problem with the Edgent_MKR1010 example.

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