Arduino mega keeps dropping in the console

Arduino mega shows offline in blynk console after a few minutes
constant ping never drops LESS THAN 1 MS.
reboot the mega and watch the Arduino console and it connects every time works then minutes later blynk shows offline but still pings…
using mini Ethernet … replicates with Arduino Ethernet shield.
on the cosole screen where you check status, i click on the owner and go to devices, the device doesnt show but still pings… like blynk blocking or dropping my connection

Set Blynk debug in the sketch and post the results of the serial monitor.

This type of behaviour is often caused by badly structured code, but as you have yet posted your sketch, or provided any information about which Blynk library version you are using, it’s difficult to provide any sensible feedback.


/ _ )/ /_ _____ / /__
/ _ / / // / _ / '/
//_, /////_
__/ v1.0.1 on Arduino Uno

[1793] Connecting to
[2164] <[1D|00|01|00]
[2165] <T6VnEO_QvapmFm1GcLqJ8_cM3lqgkEhZ
[2193] >[00|00|01|00|C8]
[2193] Ready (ping: 27ms).
[2223] Free RAM: 1291
[2260] <[11|00|02|00|8B]
[2274] <ver[00]1.0.1[00]h-beat[00]45[00]buff-in[00]256[00]dev[00]Arduino Uno[00]cpu[00]ATmega328P[00]con[00]W5100[00]fw-type[00]TMPL7JOm8p1n[00]build[00]Nov 15 2021 10:07:31[00]
[2460] <tmpl[00]TMPL7JOm8p1n[00]

Code most of the code is commented out for troubleshooting. there were 20 streams that have been cut down to 1 for testing also switch to uno and 5100 ethernet shield same result

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Your void loop is empty

sorry obviously missing;

such a stupid oversight… thank you

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@lance please edit your post, using the pencil icon at the bottom, and add triple backticks at the beginning and end of your code so that it displays correctly.
Triple backticks look like this:


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