Arduino Leonardo with blynk

Hey guys,
I’m trying here to use Arduino Leonardo with ENC28J60,
As I noticed that our friend leonardo has little different pinouts.
So my ENC28J60 is not working with it!
I believe that i just need to change the config pins.
Did someone had the same issue?
Maybe someone can guide me what to do?
Thank you in advance!

The magic search engine came up with this:


Also the magic search engine came out with a tutorial, and also after some modification in the library it started working. but thank as usual for being a part of this problem solver.

Could you share us the links and code modification needed?

First of all, due to different pinout on Arduino Leonardo, we need to connect ENC28j60 module directly on ICSP interface, as shown above.
After that we need to assign correct pin for CS in Enc28J60Network.h, line called #define ENC28J60_CONTROL_CS 12
pin number 12 worked for me fine.
thats mostly it.
other problem that I’m facing that Leonardo has only 28kb of available flash, not enough space for my project.