Arduino IDE: Tools -> Blynk: Check for Updates results in an Exception

No idea if this is an Arduino IDE issue or a Blynk issue.

In Arduino IDE version 1.8.9 (on Windows 64 bit) with Blynk version 0.6.1 installed, if I select:

Tools → Blynk: Check for Updates
An exception is thrown:

Downloading ‘
… done.
Latest version: 0.6.1
Exception in thread “Thread-30” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: cc/arduino/contributions/filters/InstalledPredicate

I seem to recall Blynk disregarding this method of Library update due to “issues”… but they clearly never removed its availability (in the IDE).

I wonder if this exception is due to having already installed Library 0.6.1? as I do, and also get the same exception when rechecking.

I personally just use the officially recommended manual install.