Arduino IDE compiling for Raspberry Pi

Hi all

Loving Blynk - made a great project for a NodeMCU which was relatively easy and works great.

Second project will be on a Pi I have lying around - but I’m struggling.

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

I have followed a few videos and have installed all the necessary bits to get IDE to compile for the Pi - simple code works fine. I have also installed Blynk onto the Pi and can start it and it goes live - I can see on my App that it is online.

But I cannot seem to get an IDE compiled code to work. A simple code seems to stall at the “Blynk.begin(…” command and Blynk does not start. If I try add the various libraries that I need then it won’t compile!!

This code is the closest I have got:

#include <BlynkSimpleEthernet.h>

char auth[] = "579...."

void setup() {
Console.println ("hello from startup 1");
Console.println ("hello from startup 2");
Console.println("Blynk begun");


void loop() {

Console.println ("hello from loop");;
Console.println("got here");

I get the first 2 comments “hello from…” but nothing more, Blynk doesnt seem to start and I dont get the “Blynk begun” comment or anything else.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Anyone have any advice for me on this?


I have no idea if this library will work on a RPi… you appear to be using C++ code, thus should be following the WiringPi method for a Blynk client running on a RPi.

Other client options are NodeJS and Python…

Thanks Gunner

I will have to work through this to make sense of it.


Thanks to Gunner I am now up and running!!

Have a noob question though:

I was used to the Arduino IDE environment and liked its look and feel. Is it possible to compile the main.cpp from this IDE or a similar environment? It is more difficult writing in the text editor and easier to make silly errors…


I have no idea… I stopped trying to use C++ with the RPi a year ago, I find both NodeJS and Python much easier in the RPi environment.

C’mon :hushed: Is there any worse IDE than Arduino?? Yes,I’m still using it (although I was forced to use platformio with one project lately, and I liked it), BUT for MORE ADVANCED project much, much easier is with external editor: Notepad++, Geany… just to name some of them…

Thanks Gunner, Marvin

Just checked out Notepad++ - looks to be very powerful and will give it a try!