Arduino Greenhouse

Hey All,

Just wanted to share my project. I have previously created a prototype greenhouse run by two arduino’s, with complete control over the environment from lights to humidity etc.

Previously it was a pain in the butt because all controls were done via touchscreen on the side of the greenhouse. I always wanted a more seamless interation and to be able to manage the settings remotely. Blynk completely solved that and I can see touch screen TFTs can be completely eliminated. As a side note, Blynk actually allows me to ditch an entire slave/master relationship caused by the lack of pins while using the TFT.

I’m currently in the development of the second model, mainly because my orchid is outgrowing this greenhouse. Pictures are on arduino’s website, but I’ll also continue to update this as I build the new one.


this looks very very cool, i ve got a friend that plans on building something similar albeit simpler. looking forward to seeing your updates

Wow! Thanks for sharing. It looks really awesome. Glad that Blynk is a solution for remote control.

Keep us updated please

This is really cool, i too used to cultivate orchids and clone other plants from cuttings… I picked up a Klima-gro( at a garage sale for $20USD…i should put some effort in to automating it… It has been sitting a while, as time is a constraint for me lately…

Great work, cool project!


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