Arduino Giga R1 WIFI Support

Will Blynk be supporting the Arduino Giga R1 WIFI board anytime in the near future? I have tried to get this working with Blynk but so far I cannot even get it to compile. I did find online that Blynk may already support it but there is no examples or documentation online to help me out.

I think if I could figure out what to use in with the #include statement then I might get it going.
Right now i have “#include <BlynkSimpleWifi.h>” but this is not working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you read this topic?…


I have. The line below that they refer to in BlynkDebug.cpp does not exist in the latest version.

#elif defined(ARDUINO) && (defined(ARDUINO_ARDUINO_NANO33BLE))

[vshymanskyy] also shared at the bottom of that page that there is a fix available on github, I believe I found what he is referring to, but unfortunately there is no information on how to use it once it is installed.

Josh M

I have this working now. There was an error in the BlynkWiFiCommon.h file. After correcting this, it now works with “#include <BlynkSimpleWifi.h>”

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Hi Josh,
im facing the same issue.

What have you changed in these files?