Arduino Create support

Blynk works just fine with Arduino Create (web-based development platform from Arduino that allows you to write and upload sketches, share, and collaborate).

What is you experience with Arduino Create? Do you like it?

P.S. For me, it is a cool concept - but as it supports only Arduino boards, can’t really use it for my ESP8266 (standalone) projects…


I like it, Thank Bro

It looks like the Arduino IDE but web-based. I’ll pass, thanks :smiley: I’ll use PlatformIO and github for creating shared stuff and collaborating. Works much better probably :wink:


@Lichtsignaal no I’m not promoting :wink:

although, i tried several online services, like: ide, pcb design, drawing, etc, i generally stay away from any online “tools”. the reasons are as follow:

  • they are always much slower / wobbling than dedicated and locally installed software
  • implicitly won’t work without internet → more dependency
  • a lots of display area is wasted because of the browser → less useful work surface
  • not hackable - and i do not mean piracy, but configuration :wink:
  • much more wasted energy and resources from both sides (they need to run the servers, all my data has to travel back and forth across the globe, plus i observed (much) higher current consumption also on the laptop)
  • again, a new place to register, create account, log in, etc
  • only god knows who has access to your code / token / wifi credentials, etc
  • can’t manage and store the libs locally
  • i think dedicated softwares are generally more robust and productive

but versus the above reasons, what are the benefits?


You can access it anywhere with Internet. But as for your arguments, I totally agree with you @wanek. Latency could be an issue, but my main concern is security :slight_smile: