Arduino connectivity

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Hello all, sorry a total rookie/newbie here trying to learn something new with my arduino R2. Just trying to use the getting started tutorial, “quickstart” and keep getting this error on the ardunio’s serial monitor. Any kind assistance would be greatly appreciated.

thanks, Jim M.

void loop()

When you post code, compiler messages or serial output to the forum you need to use triple backticks at the beginning and end of your code etc so that it displays correctl.
Triple backticks look like this:

Don’t post screenshots of your code/compiler messages/serial output.

What you’ve posted in your screenshot isn’t serial monitor output, it’s a compiler message.its telling you that the IDE isn’t successfully uploading the compiled code to your board.

I’m not an Arduino hardware user, but I don’t think that the QuickStart Arduino example is intended for the board you’re using, and your board requires the WiFiNINA library, not the WiFi101 library.