Application Backup

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I’ve had a look around the Community boards, but I can’t find any posts relating to application design backups. My apologies if this has been covered elsewhere already.

I’ve come back to Blynk after about a year and it’s been amazing to see the advances made in so many areas. My first point of call was to look at my old projects again. I’ve got all my code backed up, so I have access to my old Arduino scripts. I’ve also documented them heavily, so I was able to rebuild the App I previously had on my new phone. It occurred to me though, that while I can control and facilitate recovery of almost every aspect of the Blynk environment, my previously created Blynk account had disappeared and I had to build my widget back up from scratch.

Not too worried about the loss of the account, I guess you guys have to expunge old, unused accounts after a time or you’ll get overloaded, but I can’t find any way that I can backup my applications locally. In the event that my phone dies, I’ll need to build them again. Or do I? Is there a way that I can export the config of my app into some sort of file that I can store off-phone for recovery at a later date if need be?

It is called Cloning… and save your QR somewhere safe. You may have to refresh Auth codes, but that is not a big issue.

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Hello. Yes, we do remove old and unused accounts on the cloud server once per 6 months. In most cases if you don’t use Blynk for 6 months you don’t need old projects. Also for 6 months we do so many changes that it is better to start again over :). We will try to do not remove accounts anymore. But we can’t guarantee that.

No, you don’t. If you want to “save” project settings you may just use clone feature - Introduction - Blynk Documentation.

OK, so if I take a snapshot of the QR code, say as a jpeg, then scanning that will pull back my config?

You guys are awesome!