Apple Watch or Pebble Watch App

Hi guys

Firstly, let me start by saying this app is the best app I have on my iPhone. It makes my life so much easier - being able to build something, and very quickly put buttons on an app that controls it. Just the other night, I taught my nephew how to turn a light on using his phone. He was overjoyed and this is a great learning opportunity for him to get into electrical engineering.

I was wondering, is there any plans to create a Apple Watch app so that we could control the things we build, limited to a few buttons of course, on our watch. I own both an Apple Watch and the new Pebble Time(which I just recieved), and would love to control things from my watch.

Thanks again guys



Thank you for such feedback! Nice to hear that!

Regarding apple watch - yeap, we have plans for ios, android SDK, so we could easly develop on any platform. But this will not happen soon. But anyway thank you for idea.

In the mean time, you can use IFTTT for your Pebble (
Of you could use Tasker.

Of course, none of this has the nice and efficient functions that Blynk offers.

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Beware of an unofficial IFTTT pebble time apps. There was a really well written one that pebble themselves even featured in their dev blog.

They later pulled it because an official one is supposedly in the works…for over two months now.

Just saying…What may be available today, may not be tomorrow.

Hi Dmitriy, I am also a great fan of Blynk. I was curious to hear if there is any progress/roadmap for an Apple watch app, e.g. to have (a selection of) dashboard elements and buttons directly on the watch?
Thanks, H.

Hi Dmitriy, any update on the Apple Watch app? is there a timeline? or has this idea been discarded?

Hello. Not in plans.

Hey Dmitriy,

Are there already plans for making a Apple Watch app? It would be awesome!


Any updates on this?

Meantime we can experiment with this project: