App want offline. App project is disconnected

I start getting App “…want offline.” And “…project is disconnected”. Running local server and I believe it started after upgrading server to 28.8. Same for 28.9. Am upgrading to 29.0 at next reboot. The project has been running for months and I’ve never seen this before these upgrade, just saying.

Everything is local, server, device, and iOS app, and I’m not seeing any network issues but iOS device is getting these messages. I saw other posts concerning this but nothing explained why.


Hello. It always was there. Did you change your wiring or something like that?

I see that happen when my router is overloaded… And as is mine, yours is more likely a warning of a network issue then a Blynk issue.

I reboot the router and it is good again for awhile.


Good idea. I’ll reboot the router.

No changes to wiring of the device, a proton. Did add some code for a daily email alert that things are working.

Will let you know. Thought it may have something to do when ‘notify’ was activated to the local server.


Are you using a webhook to do it? I had to add #define BLYNK_MAX_READBYTES 4092 because the server was sending data back to blynk and overloading it.

Found network interface misconfig caused the problem on server. Was trying to use bonding. Removed it and have not had any issues for days.

Anyone found a workable solution for using a cellula modem as backup of WiFi.