App V 1.9.0

Help please. Everything was working on my ESP and the Android app on Saturday.
I woke on Sunday to find almost nothing worked any more. Looks like the app updated on Sat/sun!!
I have various buttons linked to one vp but all with different ON values. I have two similar apps and they both have the same issue. Have tried adding new buttons and same again.

Since Sunday every button just returns the max value even tho the option for using min/max values is off.

Sliders are returning correct values.

Hello, version in app 1.9.0?

1.9.0 (121)


This bug has been fixed.
The fix will be available in the next app update.
Thanks for the feedback.

Dmitriy from Blynk

Can you confirm when the next update will be released as I am now paying for a system that is of no use without the fix

The new version (1.9.1) is already in play store review, I hope it will be available to update in the next 24 hours. It also now supports same override ds min/max for slider widgets