App ui error

when i delete the elements in Device tiles -> Template1->Elements ( buttons , charts ) ( build - platform = android , app. versioning =2.17.0 ) , it restores automatically and it appears again.

when i downgrade the app to 2.16.1 ( android ) , the elements completely removed and it is not appearing again.

Thanks for the report. Do you remove template or just widgets within template?

@Dmitriy , i just removed the widgets inside the template ! , i also found that - when i renamed a label data or colour of the widgets , it restore to its previous values


the values also disappear in widgets name and ranges

@Dmitriy we have tried using our own hosted server as well as the blynk server and we are having the same problem sir .

Guys, thanks for your reports. This issue will be fixed in 2.17.1 release, that should be available soon.

@BlynkAndroidDev thank you very much !

@BlynkAndroidDev sir , the pin values gone bug is solved in this update , but the widgets are unable to delete in device tiles template . thank you !

Ou, I’ve missed mentions about delete bug. We’ll check and fix in a new release.

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We are releasing a small update today (but with same version name 2.17.1) - it will contain a fix to widget’s removal from templates. Just check the google play in several hours.

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@BlynkAndroidDev thankyou for update !